Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Soundtrack of Our Lives & Nico Vega, Casbah, 2.24.10

The Casbah seems to have been especially international of late. Aside from the usual Brit bands, in the last few months it seems like there've been a higher concentration of bands making their way from Finland, Russia, Sweden, and Norway to name a few. When shows like that happen, you discover that San Diego has a diverse population and they come out to support their homeland heroes.

Such was the case on Wednesday night, when Sweden's The Soundtrack of Our Lives took the stage. I don't think I've seen so many natural blondes in one room in a very long time. Openers Nico Vega and The Loons both gave stunning performances as well, though admittedly I got caught up in Olympic fever as everyone huddled around the back bar to watch Sweden's hockey game. It was a really fun night full of boozy hugs with strangers. After the show I got to talking to the singer about the hockey game..."sorry your boys couldn't pull through," to which he responded with a grumble and an "it's alright, Love," then grabbed my face and apparently tried to suck it off. The Swedish are a friendly people, aren't they?

Pictures after the jump.

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