Saturday, March 27, 2010

Video: Small Black & Washed Out

Thursday night, threw a helluva show at Sushi Art in downtown. It was packed with people and since the show was all ages, it was great to see a lot of kids made it out to the show, not just because there aren't a lot of all age spaces in San Diego, but because their energy electrified the show. I was up front and bartered with a kid to let me in front of him to film, and though the kids were bringing back the pogo and slam dancing (without it getting into the more aggressive moshing), I was somehow protected from any serious bumping. There was some crowd surfing, too, but everyone was just enjoying themselves instead of posturing and elbowing to the front which really took me back to how shows were for me when I was younger.

The show started with Pictureplane, but I didn't get any video of him. Small Black followed up, so I got most of their set, then Washed Out did some songs alone before being joined by all the crew of Small Black for the majority of the set.

I haven't had the chance to label any of the videos from the night, but here's the playlist...if you wanna help title them, just leave comments and I'll update the YouTube page. Click the right and left arrows on the video to see more.

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