Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Xiu Xiu @ The Casbah March 17, 2010

Looking at the upcoming week I found myself scratching my head for that 'go to' show. Due to the divergent music scene in San Diego I decided to recommend a band which falls into the genre I would call experimental. Xiu Xiu is the band's name and they are from San Jose. The one consistent component to the band is the front man, Jamie Stewart. A rotating cast of supporting musicians through much of the past decade has resulted in interesting, yet uneven, results. However, there is no lack of recorded output, with Dear God, I Hate Myself being their seventh full length.
I don't profess to know much about their music but the songs seem to be heading in a more positive direction on the latest effort. Xiu Xiu's music is certainly different, so why not try something out of the ordinary: go to a show with no expectations other than watching a band that is not afraid to try new things. Maybe other bands would be better served by stepping outside their comfort zone more often as well.

Tune-Yards and Noveller set the stage.

Watch a video of Gray Death below.

See them at the Casbah this Wednesday, March 17.

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