Friday, September 28, 2018

Photos: Chvrches & Lo Moon at CCCU OAT, SDSU. 9.20.2018

Of course, I was head over heels when I'd originally heard that Chvrches was returning to San Diego, but the excitement was bubbling over on Thursday, the day of show, when I found out that not only was my photo pass secured, but we'd also be able to attend the 91X X-Session at Phaser Control Studios. We felt that seeing an international artist in such an intimate setting warranted pulling Nova out of school in the afternoon and headed to the studio. I was specifically called out by name not to take photos, so I obeyed, but I'm kinda bummed after the fact because one, everyone else was doing it, and two, our picture with the band has the lighting of a 1970's shrink's office because there were these stage LED lights on in the background.

Still, it was an amazing privilege, so thanks to 91X for letting us in on the fun.

Afterward, we came home and got all of our work and homework done and then Nova and I went to the show at the OAT. Fortunately, another photog had an extra ticket, so after Darren's soccer game, he was able to join us and only missed the first couple Chvrches songs, though he did miss the moment a massive giant cockroach climbed up the seat next to mine and over the armrest to take a swim in my nacho cheese. The venue kindly replaced them for me, but there's nothing on this earth Nova hates more than roaches so we had quite the freakout.  The show itself was amazing and we had amazing seats and it was nothing but joy. If you've seen Chvrches live, you know that they put on an incredible show, and if you haven't had the chance, don't miss them next time they come around. I tried to trim down the number of photos, but they're such a joy to shoot, I couldn't resist. Check them out after the jump.

Lo Moon

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