Thursday, March 23, 2023

CoViD-19: COVID-somnia Is A Thing | Crazy California Storms | Uvalde Interviews Released | Zoo Photos: Andean Bear Cubs

Andean Bear Cubs, Born December 10th, 2022 (Taken 3.21.23)

When I was young I always envisioned myself having some great outdoorsy lifestyle, but the reality is I think I like the idea more than the actual lifestyle. Like when I was a kid, I had a tackle box and was always organizing it and adding lures and bait, but in reality, I just liked the colors and collecting things. The only fishing I ever did was at a local campsite in a stocked lake (more like a pond) and never ever got a bite. I certainly wouldn't have known what to do if I'd caught anything. 

In my 20s, I was freshly single after my college boyfriend and I broke us, and had the great idea that I'd get a big dog. We'd go hiking and camping and to the beach and I had my car and I could live an active and outdoorsy life on a whim. Problem was I ended up adopting the neediest, most skittish dog ever (RIP Pascha) who certainly wasn't going on any hikes or anywhere other people existed, and I worked in the most corporate of corporate jobs, a nine-to-five that afforded me one week off a year but definitely not enough money to ever save to use the time off. So that whole plan was a big fail. 

Nowadays, I have the time and the resources to kinda do what I want and go where I want, but Darren and Nova do not have that flexibility, so going to the Zoo is my great compromise...I'm outside, I'm among beautiful plants and amazing animals and I have developed a relationship with so many of the animals - engaging with the gorillas and orangs, certain birds that communicate with me, even the mountain lions respond in their own way when they see me. This week I finally got to see the Andean bear cubs, and with the zoo open later, it's just been a pleasure to see the animals adapt as the seasons change. 

All that being said, this week has been low-key for me and I'm perfectly okay with that. I mentioned last week that my dad is back at home so I've gone to help out my parents a few times, I worked a couple merch gigs - MoonTricks at Music Box and Protomartyr at Casbah, I got a raise at my day job, and spent a ton of time at the zoo while Nova has been off living her teenage independence and Darren working all the time. This week was also the 8 year anniversary of Ficus' Adoption Gotcha Day, which maybe makes her 10 or 11, we can't really be sure.  

I've been stoked on the rain though haven't seen it that intense in a very long time, and I was glad to have the van all stocked up with my rain gear and I've been getting good use of my rain boots. When Darren did finally have a day off, we went to Balboa Park free Tuesdays which was the Mingei and Museum of Art this week, which turned out to be a great way to get dry before spending the rest of that afternoon at the zoo. Now I'm working on listings and I guess I've procrastinated enough, so hopefully you'll have your listings by morning. 

Stay safe out there.  

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