Tuesday, March 07, 2023

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Little Kaja at 14 months and 1 day old (Taken 3.5.23)

I had been really enjoying my laid back, low-pressure life lately, working remotely at the zoo and all that goodness, but then suddenly that isn't the case. In the past couple weeks, I worked for Almost Monday, King Tuff, Jawny, and Braxton Cook, as well as celebrating Darren's birthday, catching the SG Goodman show (with after-show cocktails at Ould Sod and we know how that goes), plus I was streaming the Murdaugh Trials, and even had jury duty tossed in there. And then there were van repairs and helping my dad and taking Nova and a friend to Sea World for a day and it's all kinda worn me out. And I know a lot of those, particularly hours of Murdaugh Trials were optional, but I couldn't resist the intrigue and anyway, I was only streaming while I did a million other things anyway. Darren has been working his ass off, too, so this week I would just like for everything to slow down, am politely declining invitations, and would like to just be able to get by with my laptop in my backpack at the zoo while I watch all the babies -- Kaja, of course, but there's a new golden takin born on Friday, there's Andean bear cubs who have finally been making appearances, there are amur leopard cubs recently born that haven't made their public debut but who we hear stirrings about not to even mention how much I would like a day at Safari Park since I took off the free seniors month. I've just got to get a handle on all these ding-dang emails and concert announcements...like, my actual work. There are so many shows coming up, it's gonna be a busy spring and summer, I can tell you that right now. 

For now, I'm off to bed. I'll get listings up by Wednesday or Thursday. We'll see how punishing this week turns out. 

Love you. Stay safe out there. 

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