Thursday, March 09, 2023

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It's been a busy work week but I finished listings and did all the things I needed to and wanted to get this post up because my week could get a little tricky. Some weeks ago I mentioned that my dad's condition had been upgraded and he was no longer considered to be on hospice care. I said then that it felt like it was more of an insurance thing than a health thing and so we all had to step up and help my parents because he wasn't getting the same in-home care as before. But last week his health took a turn and they reclassified him back to hospice or palliative care and he hasn't been doing great, and yesterday I was supposed to go help in the day but instead, a couple doctors or nurses went to the house and decided he needed to be hospitalized immediately. Already low on sleep because my dog had been sick all night and needed to be let out repeatedly all night long, I was just having a day. I went to the zoo to clear my head and then came home and have been working ever since. At this moment, I don't know my dad's status; they took him to Sharp and then were going to move him to Kaiser but then I was working and my mom is with him wherever he may be and I guess I'll find more out in the morning. 

So yeah, I had been putting this post together for the week and had thoughts that I wanted to expunge from my system. Everything in this post was collected and written before this change of circumstances, and it all seems dumb now, but here it is anyway. I hope to get some zoo time in on Thursday because I have to say, walking around with my earbuds in and lost in my own thoughts for a couple hours in the sun felt nice, but I'll be at my parents' service as needed. Hopefully this is something he'll get some care for and be back home, but we've been living on this edge for a long time so I don't really know what to think or feel at the moment. I do know I'm pissed that California is removing mask requirements in health care environments because both of my parents have dodged COVID through the entire pandemic and hospitals are such a disaster that either of them could easily pick it up among the sick, but maybe the hospitals will individually maintain the requirement. I guess I'll find out. 

Stay safe out there. I'm going to try to finally get some sleep. 

    • An Unusual ‘Superbloom' is Happening in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Here's Why: Uncommon rainfall has contributed to rare fall and winter blooms in the desert - NBC San Diego (3.7.23)
      • How to Be a Respectful Steward of the Desert (abbreviated)
        • Do not pick the flowers: Picking flowers on National Forests, Parks or Monuments is illegal
        • Stay on the trails
        • Park respectfully: Pull off the roads when viewing wildflowers or taking photos. Always leave roads clear for traffic.
        • Make yourself known: Offer a friendly "hello" or an amiable head nod to hikers you encounter. This helps to create a friendly atmosphere on the trails, the National Park Service says. If approaching from behind, let other hikers know in a calm tone that you want to pass.
        • I will add: LEAVE YOUR BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS/MUSIC in the car! Nobody goes out to nature to hear your shitty taste in music. 
      • What to Know Before You Go (abbreviated)
        • Bring a lot of food and water and a full tank of gas.
        • Research and plan your trip.
        • Print or download a map: Cell service is not dependable in the desert. When in Anza-Borrego, go analog.
        • Watch the weather: Conditions can change quickly in the desert. Wear a hat and lather on plenty of sunscreen.
    • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Wildflowers - Anza Borrego Foundation 
      • Wildflower Hotline: For weekly updates, call the Park’s Wildflower Hotline at 760-767-4684
    • San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance 
      • San Diego Zoo hours will be 9am-6pm starting March 11-March 24 and 9am-7pm starting March 25-April 9. 
      • San Diego Zoo Safari Park hours will change to 9am-6pm starting March 18 through May 1
    • Sea World hours are all over the place. Check for daily hours
    • Yosemite: Yosemite National Park is closed through Sunday, March 12—possibly longer
  • COVID-19:
    • Now that Alex Murdaugh Murder trial is over and he's been found guilty on 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of using firearms in the act of the crime (or whatever) and he's been sentenced to two life sentences I have some things to say. First, if you haven't listened to Murdaugh Murders Podcast, you've got a lot of catching up to do. I have long been convinced that Murdaugh was guilty but it was a relief that the jury found the same based on the limited information they were presented. Several jurors are now speaking out, saying the kennel video was enough evidence to place him as the only person who could have committed the murders. And I agree, the sheriff's department seemed to be really sloppy, Solicitor Duffie Stone didn't recuse himself until nearly two months after the murders, and SLED seems to have been very sloppy. How was Alex and so many of his partners, friends, and family on the scene, so immediately after it happened? Why didn't they instantly say "it's the husband! It's always the husband!!" So now that the murder trial is done and he's gonna be on the hook for dozens of other "alleged" crimes, I have so many questions. And I know I'm saying this into the ether and don't really expect any answers, here are all the things I'm wondering. 
      • Where are the clothes and the weapons? Where the eff did he hide/bury/burn them? People have suggested the septic tank, his dad's casket. Was the skinning room searched? The burn room or whatever they kept mentioning? His 2 bedroom apartment that Blanca furnished? The brothers' homes? The full Almeda property? The place where Paul wrecked the boat? 
      • Why did it take over a year to hack into Paul's phone when his passcode was his birthday??? Why wasn't that the very first thing these very expert agents tried?
      • What happened to the burner phones? And while they're "untraceable", are they really? Clearly Alex had alternate numbers he used. 
      • Will we ever find out if there were life insurance policies on Alex, Maggie, and Paul? Additionally, will we see a fight over Maggie's will, which had her sister as her executor on her will but was then crossed out in handwriting to make Alex's brother the executor? Can't remember which...was it John Marvin? Will we get to see what happens as the appointed receiver is able to track down funds? And are Poot and Griffin now working for free since the money for them has been exhausted?
      • What is the deal with the drug island and the cowboys? Will we ever know more about that?
      •  Will any law enforcement go down for how shit was handled during the investigation? 
    • Murdaugh's Testimony was so bonkers. "I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my family". In my opinion, he thought he was killing them with the first shot, instantly, i.e. no pain. That was not the case. He had to shoot multiple times to kill them, to end the pain, which is why seeing Paul's brain was the worst part for him. He wanted them dead, just not  dead.  
    • Breaking Silence, Murdaugh Brother Says ‘Not Knowing Is the Worst Thing’. After Alex Murdaugh’s trial ended in a conviction for the murders of his wife and son, his older brother Randy is still trying to understand what happened that night. - New York Times (3.6.23)
    • Alex Murdaugh’s double murder trial leaves enduring mysteries, even after guilty verdict. - Post and Courier (3.4.23)
    • AP News: Alex Murdaugh related stories

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