Wednesday, August 02, 2023

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Tornero, an ambassador sloth, as seen at San Diego Zoo (8.2.23)

I'm gonna keep this week's post pretty short because all the national news is about the indictments of TFG and seriously, who cares? If he can still run we're all just stuck seeing his stupid face non-stop for the next year anyway. And then all the local news is about the so-called "camping ban" and we just have to hear that one 'homeless advocate" over and over talking about how nothing being done works but never hearing what he's ever actually offered to actually deal with the problem so that is, well, a giant yawn, too. Go read Voice of San Diego or KPBS news for all the back and forth on that ad infinitum. 

As for me, Nova is done with Upward Bound for this summer, so we have a couple weeks before their band camp and then school starts again. Darren is busy working his ass off at the Park and as you can imagine, the heat just takes it out of you so he's pretty beat when he gets home from work. I've been doing my usual and have a fun group of zoo friends I see pretty regularly. I worked both Lucy's Fur Coat Shows this weekend and Friday was a blast, but Saturday's crowd do we say...weekend warriors? Not quite as fun but the band still slayed. My niece turned 16 so we also did a birthday thing on Monday and the rest of the time, I just stay out of my overheating apartment and try to get my daily steps and plenty of outdoor time. I'm gonna start listings tonight but we'll see how far along I get because I got a lot of sun today and it also really took it out of me. We're going to the Fred Armisen show on Wednesday, so I guess I better get the listings cranked out before that happens. 

Stay safe out there. If you have room in your home, go help Clear The Shelters. 

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