Thursday, August 17, 2023

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An Old Photo Of Devi, RIP

I'm not good at letting go of things. Grudges, either, but in this instance I mean actual things. I have diaries from junior high and high school. I don't dare read them because who needs that cringe in their adult life? But I know that I have them. Same with photos. Great photographers take lots of photos and know how to cull those photos; they know that there are photos nobody ever needs to see, especially in context of perhaps great photos taken in the same surrounding moments. 
I'm not one of those people. 
My laptop is running out of space (again) so it means that all the photos and videos I currently have on here need to be sorted by place or band or species or event or what-have-you so that when (if) I ever need to access them, I know where to look. But I'm not culling, only sorting. And I have A LOT of photographs. They track where I've been, what was important or funny or beautiful to me in a particular moment, and sometimes how fast I could adjust my camera settings to get a when I was shooting a concert or trying to get pictures of my roof opossum at night and then go to take photos of animals the next morning and now my settings leave me with overexposed gorillas or orangutans or capybaras. 
I don't mind having the external hard drives that will one day obsolete or unusable, but going through everything is quite a process and stirs up so much memory and emotion...the pandemic, Nova growing up, my doggy getting older, animals at the zoo, places I've been, travels, bands I've seen.
And then I start finding the markers of the passage of time. Bands that broke up or a band member died. Friends who've died. My sister-in-law and my dad dying and all the photos of the past, the holidays and gathering and the more recent funerals and memorials. I'm getting older. Death becomes a part of life. Last week my high school best friend's mom died and next week will be her memorial. Even though I hadn't seen her in years, it hits hard. 
It's a lot. 
So bear with me this week as I try to move at least half a terabyte off my computer, and then 100 gigs off my phone, and then try to keep it organized and keep it together emotionally, all the while watching the slow drip of transferring data from one device to another.
There was a ton of news this week, particularly the Lahaina, Maui fires and devastation and yet more indictments of TFG. I'm not linking anything about the latter, I just don't think that POS warrants any more bytes than I've already given in this sentence.  

Hurricane Hilary (hilariously names, if we're being honest) is perhaps coming. Be prepared. 
Stay safe out there. 

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