Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Rosey's Diary & Newsy Things: Tripledemic Peaked But Still Kicking Ass | TFG on School Shootings: "Get Over It" | Ape Recognition | Diving In To 2024 |

2024 is off and running and I'm exhausted already. I did three nights of merch in a row for The Dragons and then The Beat Farmers, and then Monday was Otto's memorial and I am pooped. The kid has been sick, my sister had COVID last week, and everyone seems to think taking their kids to the zoo is okay when they're staying home from school and daycare because they're sick. So I'm not gonna lie, I'm pooped. I usually start my listings on Tuesday so they're ready to go on Thursday, but I'm gonna call it an early night and hopefully the kid is back at school on Wednesday and I can watch the Murdaugh hearing that I started watching today and get my work done in the peace and quiet of an empty house. 

Today you get a picture of sweet Loretta. She is the matriarch of the bonobos and turns 50 years old on January 22nd. There are only 8 zoos in the US that house bonobos and they are critically endangered within the politically volatile Democratic Republic of Congo where they are endemic. Bonobos are amazing great apes and to get to watch and know their personalities is an incredible privilege. Go visit her.  

Stay safe and healthy out there. 

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