Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Rosey's Diary And Newsy Things: 2024 Is Here | Respiratory Viruses On The Rise | Election Year Nightmare |

I always imagine that I'll write some big end of the year recap and beginning of the year 'fresh start' post, but to be honest, after finding out today that our friend and sound guy extraordinaire, Otto, has passed away, it just brings back all the real shit parts of 2023 all over again. Losing my dad, losing my sister-in-law, losing O, losing so many others, human and animals alike. It was a steady parade of grief and loss. 
And not to say it wasn't also a good year, because that is life, right? Shitty things and good things and all the things in between, until it's our turn to fade out and everyone is remembering us. But let's hope that is many, many years away and we continue to grow as people with each moment we have. My "zoo year" has been incredible, I've been getting in better habits - getting up earlier, staying on top of my work, setting and hitting daily step targets, making lots of new friends from all walks of life, getting daily sunshine, getting my ass off the couch. Admittedly, that means I write and post less and I haven't been going to shows as much as I once did, which I expect to find better balance for both in 2024. 
Of course there are always goals to set...like cleaning out our studio and apartment and 'cleaning out the old', or taking better advantage when Darren actually has time off, but let's just marvel that we made it out of 2023. And while we have the shit elections to deal with this year, let's do our best to make 2024 a good one. 
I love you all. Stay safe out there. 

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