Friday, January 26, 2024

Rosey's Diary & Newsy Things: San Diego Deluge and Aftermath, Resources, Where To Donate | COVID Up; Nobody Cares | GDP Growth | Humane Society Virtual Baby Shower |

Alba the Andean Bear Mama (Taken 12.5.24)

Last diary, I posted Loretta the bonobo, who was turning 50. This week I heard it was Alba's birthday, so I thought I'd share a pic even though I usually capture them with my phone, watching her 1-year-old cubs and their silly antics. So yeah. Not the best shot ever, but it's what I could find. 

This has been a really good week. I'm on my fourth night at the Casbah for Three Mile Pilot, and got to work both Pinback shows and Rocket From The Crypt, too. I'll be slinging for Lucy's Fur Coat and both nights of the Bronx, and then we'll see how much inventory I have and if it is worth it for me to sell Casbah stuff at both Earthless nights. 

My Darren is out of town at the moment; he went to visit his family up north and as much as I wanted to go, I couldn't pull away from work or leave the kid home alone for that long of a stretch. I'll be so glad when he's home again. 

Besides that, things are pretty good, I've gotten my mornings in with my apes and monkeys and have timed it, so I get a brief disco nap each night before work. It's been really great to see so many familiar faces and the different crowds that each headliner brings. Tonight is much louder than it has been, a bit of that Friday night relief that comes after a week of work. 

Obviously, the week started of with the storm deluge. I was a little oblivious, to be honest. I had to wear my knee-high rainboots to cross my own street, but besides that, I still went to the zoo when the rain slowed down a bit, so it wasn't until I was home that night watching the news that I saw all the destruction around San Diego. I've included a bunch of articles and resources, and San Diego Magazine compiled a list of places to donate, which is also linked below. Help out if you can. I think I'll finally clean out my shoes and get those down to Ringer's Roller Rink for people who might need something as simple and obvious as shoes. 

Stay safe out there. I love you all. 

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