Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Rosey's Diary & Newsy Things: More Shootings. More COVID. | Pandas To Return!! | Massive Fentanyl Seizure in San Diego | Sheriff Refuses Body Scans At Jails | KC Shooting | RIP Nex Benedict |

Eloise, Kaja, and Sela conspiring (Taken 2.8.24)

Sorry I didn't get around to a diary post last week. We had the roofers here most of the week and I had the ear infection and it was the Superbowl and then there was that shooting and I just kinda felt limited in how I wanted to engage in that kind of world in that kind of moment. There are people who are definitely for gun safety and banning certain types of weapons, or getting background checks, or licensing and training requirements, and more, but if I had my way about it, there would be no guns owned by any private citizen anywhere ever. Unless, I guess, you really think you need a fucking musket. Then I guess, be my guest. When I have been saying, "Stay Safe Out There," in my posts, I always meant someone coughing in your personal space could be make you sick. I guess it also means, "watch out for random shooters when you're out doing life." 

On a more personal note, last week was good, but I didn't hit the zoo nearly as much as I prefer to. Three full days of Handymen working and then Darren using the van for floral delivery on Valentine's Day, led to a lot of moving and loading and unloading and organizing and cleaning. We're letting this first storm pass before restoring the catio, but I was happy to get my van organized and back to normal, and I carried the theme into the weekend. After Saturday morning at the zoo, I went to and from Jamul to the alpaca ranch and brought home Mexican food. Darren and I ended up hanging out having some beers while the kid was at OSP Prom, and then Darren eventually went to bed, so I decided it was time to clean. 9 hours of cleaning later, the studio is almost livable again. That made my Sunday not productive in any way besides taking my dog to Fiesta Island, but I've made up for it this week with my zoo time, and even going with a couple of my zoo friends to Sea World for Presidents Day. 

It's rained again this week, so I hope it's been just a normal storm and not too troubling for anyone out there and we can just go back to the good ol' days of San Diego storms where some ice cream shops in Mission Beach talk about loading up on sandbags and the rest of us just complain about some potholes and make fun of people who don't understand that the Fashion Valley parking lot was literally designed to flood. 

I love you. Stay safe out there. 
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      • Scoop: China plans to send San Diego Zoo more pandas this year, reigniting its panda diplomacy - AP News (2.21.24)
      • Since I go to the zoo nearly every day, I can say there's sooo much happening behind-the-scenes at the moment. The red pandas were moved to Explorer's Basecamp mid-January and renovation for the Panda habitats began almost immediately. Trees were pulled and it appears they're being extensively upgraded and expanded. Meanwhile, rumor is that the Hippo habitat is getting closer to being done...I was told about another month but we've heard that before, but when it's ready, the hippos will go back to their habitat, the okapi will return, and at least one rhino will return to Urban Jungle, though someone said rhinos, plural, so we'll see what happens. Someone posted that a male giraffe has joined the ladies (not all together quite yet) on a breeding recommendation. He was born at this zoo but isn't related to any of the current ladies of the herd. The orangutans and siamangs were off habitat for a week as their habitat is getting some renovations, but since it rained this week, they let them out for a couple days, but still have more things to do, so seeing them is hit-or-miss while construction proceeds. In the meantime, they reinstalled some firehose hammocks, painted their climbing poles, and it seems maybe they still have to reinforce some of the poles and ropes. I guess all I can say about any of this is Zoo Gossip is HOT right now, and if you don't have an annual pass, BUY IT NOW because the way the membership prices have grown over the past few years, no telling if they'll try to jack it up even more if/when the pandas are back. Always more to come!!  
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