Wednesday, February 07, 2024

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Suyana, Ransisku, and Alba didn't seem to mind Monday's Rain (Taken 2.5.24)

What a week it's been. And it's only Tuesday. 

The Kid and I went to see Fun Home at New Village Arts Theatre on Saturday night and, wow! What an incredible show. I'm not a great theatre critic because there's really only one performance I've ever seen in my life that I thought was flat-out bad, but Fun Home itself is a Tony award winning musical and the cast on this local presentation was excellent. The theatre is beautiful and intimate, and every seat has a clear view of the stage. I cried and laughed and cried some more. If you're a person inclined to theatre, particularly touched by LGBTQIA+ issues, this one is one you should catch while you can. 

I know the storms have been top of mind for everyone, but I just chug along and do what I always do. Sometimes I go to the zoo all day, sometimes I just go for a quickie to see some of my little buddies. On Monday, I bundled up in all my rain gear and got five miles in, so proud of myself for having finally found the right gear to keep dry, getting some really special moments with the gorillas, the Andean Bears, the giraffes, Ernest the lion, Nindiri the Jaguar, and some incredible playtime amongst the brother elephants, which you can watch on my YouTube channel (I recommend playing your own soundtrack and watching the video on mute, since I couldn't strip the audio.) Other days, like Tuesday, I wake up after just a few hours of sleep and am super low energy. The rain came down in buckets and even my dry gear was no match, so I was damp and tired and certain I couldn't pull of as much walking in my knee high rainboots as I had in my water-resistant booties. I still made it to see my gorillas and had them nearly to myself for almost an hour, with a couple families popping by briefly but bored because the boys were mostly just sitting with their backs to the glass. As soon as people would leave, they'd get all active and Denny was splashing mud at his brothers and the chase was on. So fun. I'm glad I made it for that. But by the time I'd gone to orangutans, they'd gone back to their rooms, my favorite little monkey was cute but stayed high in his cage to stay dry, so I did a final lap to say goodbye to the gray parrots (talkative as ever) and decided to call it a day. I did some work and cleaned the house a little, but Monday's insomnia demanded a Tuesday nap, and man, did I need it. 

Tonight I've been catching up on work demands and setting up a couple ads and newsletters and procrastinating starting my listings, but I'm sure I'll be up for a while still with my polyphasic sleep cycle, so hopefully I can knock those out tonight and have a real day in normal shoes on Wednesday. Oh, and yesterday I watched two movies...Plus One (on Hulu) which is a completely predictable but cute rom-com, and Frybread Face and Me (on Netflix) which was so, so good, about a Navajo kid from San Diego who goes to live with his grandma and cousin on the "rez" for the summer as a tween and all the life lessons one would expect from that situation. 

Anyway, I hope everyone can enjoy the beauty of the rain and not just suffer from the power of it. Stay safe out there. I love you.   

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