Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best of 2011 in Video

It has been one hell of a year and I decided to once again search through my own YouTube uploads to put some of my favorite moments into a playlist. It goes somewhat chronologically, albeit slightly off because I bulk upload. There are 46 videos and I realized in backtracking through my uploads that I can identify several truths. One is that I was extremely lazy, and while I filmed many shows in their entirety, there are also entire shows where I left the camera in my bag and didn't get photos or video. Maybe that wasn't lazy so much as my protest against LED lights, (which I'll make more of an effort to control when I'm at the Casbah at least). I also realized that I fell into some obvious patterns...I have lots of video of the same bands...like the numerous time I filmed Other Lives, The Heavy Guilt, Rocky Votolato, and Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels. I included some of the videos from my travels...this year started off with a trip to NAMM that inspired a few jaunts on the road, and I was happy to go to LA several times, Las Vegas three times, New York for a week (though I only saw a couple bands while there), San Francisco, and my first trip ever to SXSW. This grouping of 46 videos by no means covers all of the best moments, many of those were not recorded (especially the big shows like the FM 94/9 Independence Jam, Rocktoberfest, Holiday Hootenanny, and Wrex The Halls), and I left out my audio only recordings of Ray LaMontagne, Bon Iver, and Ryan Adams, but it's a fun little trip down what was another amazing year in music. The full track playlist is after the jump, or just click on the video to watch it on YouTube.


  1. OneEskimo Interviews OneEskimo
  2. Peter Wolf Crier "Down Down Down" at Habitat House
  3. Transfer "Pallbearer" at the Casbah for Justin Jay's Memorial
  4. Old 97s at The Abbey
  5. Lisa Loeb "Stay" at NAMM
  6. Everest "By Your Side" at the Casbah
  7. Jesse LaMonaca "Mermaid Lost In The Street" at West Coast Tavern
  8. Jason Webley "From The Morning (Nick Drake Cover)" at Park Gallery
  9. Jamestown Revival "Revival" at the Casbah
  10. April Smith & The Great Picture Show "I Can't Say No" at Sunset Sessions AAA
  11. John Waite & Kyle Cook "Missing You" at Sunset Sessions AAA
  12. Bobby Long "Dead and Done Blues" at Anthology
  13. Ringside "Tired of Being Sorry" at The Roxy
  14. CHAPPO "Come Home" at Elysium SXSW
  15. Matt Haeck "Lucky Cigarette" in his apartment courtyard during SXSW
  16. The Silent Comedy "Gasoline" at Lustre Pearl SXSW SD showcase
  17. Yeasayer "O.N.E." at Belly Up
  18. Other Lives "For 12" at Soda Bar
  19. The Low Anthem "Charlie Darwin" (unplugged) at the Autry Museum, L.A.
  20. The Low Anthem "Ticket Taker" at Autry Museum, L.A.
  21. April Smith and the Great Picture Show "Movie Loves A Screen" at M-Theory
  22. The Head and the Heart "Sounds Like Hallelujah" at the Casbah
  23. The Heavy Guilt "Wyoming" Album Release Party at Glashaus
  24. Rocky Votolato "Montana" at the Casbah
  25. Other Lives "Tamer Animals" at the Casbah
  26. Two Gallants "Seems Like Home To Me"
  27. Givers "Up, Up, Up" at Sunset Sessions (active rock summer session)
  28. Noah & The Whale "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." at the San Diego Woman's Club
  29. Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit) "Modern Leper" at Club 207, Hard Rock Hotel
  30. Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit) "Good Arms vs Bad Arms" at Club 207, Hard Rock Hotel
  31. Other Lives "As I Lay My Head Down" at Book and Stage, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas
  32. Jesse LaMonaca "Meteorite Shower" at Soda Bar for San Diego Music Thing
  33. David Mayfield Parade "Breath of Love" at Winston's
  34. Jeremy Messersmith "Franklin Avenue" at Soda Bar
  35. Dawes "A Little Bit of Everything" at Belly Up
  36. Rocky Votolato "Fool's Gold" at Casbah
  37. Blind Pilot "I Know" at Belly Up
  38. Dan Mangan "Basket" at Belly Up
  39. Bright Eyes "Gold Mine Gutted" at Soma
  40. Graffiti6 "Free" at House of Blues 5th Avenue Sidestage
  41. The Kooks "Rosie" at Bird's Surf Shed
  42. Bon Iver "Skinny Love" & "The Wolves (Act I & II) at Spreckels Theatre
  43. Other Lives "Dust Bowl III" at Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco
  44. Snow Patrol "This Isn't Everything You Are" at Birch North Park Theatre
  45. Dylan Leblanc "5th Avenue Bar" at Casbah
  46. Joshua James "Magazine" & "Pitchfork" at Soda Bar

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