Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drive Like Jehu Video Compilation

I don't often get messages through my YouTube channel, but today something awesome happened. I got this message from Fabio Cunha:
Regarding your Drive Like Jehu footage:
Hey there... I took the liberty to download your footage along with many others from their reunion concert in San Diego. I edited the full concert utilizing many camera angles and syncronized it to the best sounding video I could find.
I am writing to you because although I didn't ask you for permission I would like to invite you to see it before I make it public. I did this for the greater good and to share with many other fans of the band. I saw them live once many years ago and could not make it to San Diego for the reunion.
Anyway, I hope you like the way the video turned out and hope that you don't mind me posting it. I wrote a disclaimer at the beginning of the video thanking all the youtube users whom I took the videos from. Check it out, Thx!

Anyway, I think this is pretty awesome, although my shaky handheld footage doesn't really compare to the tripod angles. For your viewing pleasure.

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