Monday, September 01, 2014

Video: Drive Like Jehu @ Balboa Park Organ Pavilion, 8.31.2014

Today was awesome. That is all I can really say. I did my best to shoot around other photogs but whatever. Here is my video perspective of Drive Like Jehu at the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion. I hear that the best way to experience the organ portion of the music was somewhere near the Japanese Tea Garden. I'm sure 74 people might have better footage. After all of this, I hope everyone understands there was nothing "free" about this show, and people went out of pocket to make it happen. In return, support Bar Pink, support The Organ Society, support Balboa Park, and write emails and letters to your councilpeople to let them know how amazing this was, how you support it, and how it should happen again in the future.

Update: Great articles and photos being shared...I like this one with Diffuser for the setlist, thought calling Dang "an employee at a local bar" is the understatement of the year, and perhaps the author doesn't know the story of Bar Pink and all the owners and that this whole thing was out of pocket for the band and bar. I also really love these photos by Max Nanis on Twitter. Kelly Davis of CityBeat was next to me for part of the show and then maneuvered around for some great shots. If anyone else wants to share, send me your links.

Photos By Chris Valle
Video on UStream
Video By Jason Bang

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Best sound if this event I have seen yet. Thank you