Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Photos: Soccer Mommy & Madeline Kenney @ Soda Bar April 9, 2018

Whoops. Another set of photos I took and uploaded to post and found that they were still sitting in a draft. Life gets busy, what can I say? I first saw Soccer Mommy at Soda Bar in February when she opened for Phoebe Bridgers. I should actually say I heard her, but didn't see her, because the show was so packed. Just a couple months later, she had her own headlining slot. This woman is amazing, and I've been especially happy that she's been added to regular rotation on Sirius XMU which hopefully means big things for her. Madeline Kenney opened the night and she was pretty spectacular as well. It's been a really good year for women in music and it's been really inspiring following artists like Phoebe Bridgers or Angel Olsen or Soccer Mommy all the way up to Tune-Yards and St. Vincent and being able to share with Nova as she is learning music, learning her own tastes, and also constantly listening to the things we're listening to. As long as Cory and Tim keep bringing these types of shows in, I'll keep trying to make as many of them as I possibly can.

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