Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ticketfly Hacked & Down For Service- New Temporary Casbah Links

While working on listings this week, I noticed the Casbah site being wonky. I could see the backend Casbah stuff, but our site and all ticket links were down. Then the site was back up for a heartbeat and then back down, and now nothing is accessible. This morning (around 4am), Ticketfly issued a statement that they believe they've been cyber attacked, so all Ticketly and related site are down. For us here in San Diego, that included Casbah, Soda Bar, and Brick By Brick, and if you go to comedy clubs, Mad House Comedy and maybe a few others that I can't recall off the the top of my head.

The Casbah is working with an alternate ticketing site to temporarily restore your ability to purchase advance tickets. For now you should know that the remainder of the shows currently booked through Monday will all have tickets available at the door for purchase. I believe the same to be true for Soda Bar, but I don't speak for them.

Those shows are:
WAND, C57Black6, Sumatraban @ Casbah

The Paladins, The Bedbreakers, The Tighten Ups @ Casbah (Tickets)

Vinyl Junkies Record Swap @ Casbah (11am-5pm)
Curtis Harding, Algiers @ Casbah (Tickets)
Alex Lahey, Whiskey Circle, Mittens @ Soda Bar

Josh Rouse, True Stories @ Casbah (Tickets)

The Lexicons, Nothing Special, Krook Tone Classics @ Casbah

What this could mean, and sadly we do not know the extent of the cyber attack or data breach, is that you might want to start to change passwords if, for example, your Ticketfly password was your 'universal password' and it links to any sensitive credit info, and keep an eye on your credit accounts for any suspicious use. It's extreme and hopefully doesn't come to that, but right now, we only know what TIcketfly is sharing publicly and to clients.

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