Friday, September 09, 2022

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Ernest in the midst of a big yawn. (Taken 9.9.22)

I wanted to get back in the habit of posting current COVID numbers because I don't want to lose track for myself of what is going on. But obviously I've cut out a lot of the news clippings and links. I'm still watching the White House press briefings, too, but the media pool sucks so bad and Karine Jean-Pierre just takes their bullshit questions, even when 10 people ask the same question in different ways, as if she'll not realize that they're messing with her. Yesterday they kept asking her about the queen's health and if she died what would the president say, would he travel, etc? and she's trying to explicitly say that it is fucking rude to talk about what you'll do when someone dies when they're not dead yet and then by the end of the press conference it was confirmed that she did, in fact, die, and so then it got awkward and the press conference ended. It's kinda worth watching for 27 minutes if you take a shot every time someone asks about the queen but definitely don't plan on driving anywhere for probably 24 hours. 

As far as the queen dying goes, I'm more on the side of thinking it is fucking gross that there are still monarchs and think its a criminal enterprise and lean the way of this thread, so whatever. I'll let y'all grieve but will take no part. 

There was some news this week that I found noteworthy, particularly that the City is going to add bike/bus lanes on that essential corridor of Park Blvd from the President's Way up to Richmond which will be huge because the reason we stopped going to December NIghts was because you couldn't even get there by transit and now you'll be able to...or even ride bikes! 

It was a good week. I've got a big end of summer Zoo post in the works, but it felt good to go back today, in the rain, after not having been since Monday. And working for Pavement and Cat Power was a pretty good way to spend this asshole of a heat wave in air conditioned buildings. 

Hope you're staying cool. Be safe out there. 

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