Monday, November 28, 2022

CoViD-19: Depends On Who You Ask | Another Egregious Alito SCOTUS Leak | World Cup Goes On Under Despicable Regime & Corrupt FIFA |

Vus'musi, 18 year old bull, is back at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

I guess I started this post sometime after the last data post which was November 15, but I'd rather just post it than scrap it. Plus there's been so much to rage about that I have to post and put it out in the world or I just internalize and stew on it and that does me no good at all.

What's especially top of mind is World Cup. It's easy enough for me to just skip watching and not actively pay attention in my own little personal boycott, but that does nothing to change the fact that FIFA is a fucked up organization and the tournament is happening under a fucked up regime and we knew it was bad when they got the deal in the first place and it still happened and it's mind-boggling. John Oliver did a great segment on it, ICYMI.  

Besides all that, the past couple weeks have been fraught with horrifying gun incidents in the US, the ridiculousness of politics and Republicans refusing to concede elections they lost, and the media continuing to both-sides issues that have no justifiable other side. All of this while I was trying to enjoy my family during the holidays as best I could and my little zoo escapes when I desperately needed them. We did our big family gathering on Friday but I had to cut it short since I worked for Tijuana Panthers that night. On Saturday, we met my sister in Old Town who was towing all my nieces and nephews around but that was kinda chaotic, so I escaped for the final hour of zoo time. 

I'm feeling all wintry and cozy, so I'm hoping that I can keep things mellow throughout the holidays. I'm going to work with Darren on Tuesday because he won a safari in a staff raffle so we get to see the cheetah run, which has been off view of the public since the beginning of the pandemic shutdowns. I bought myself a Chromebook for this very reason, so I can work while I sit around at the park for the day while he continues his tram training. Then I'll be at the Casbah for our annual staff holiday photo. I think we're going to see Lucius on Thursday, though I'm bummed to miss The Lemonheads on the same night. Besides that, we're rolling right into December and I keep finding things to add to my big giant holiday post which makes it a more daunting task than ever. I will try to get it done. 

Stay safe out there. 

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