Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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One of the cheetah brothers at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 11.13.22)

What a week. Good god! Since the nail-biting election and the trickling in of news and results, like everyone, I did my best to get through it by trying to limit how much news I watched, enjoying the comic relief of the late night comedians, all the while dodging pundits and the grating election predictions. We had Darren's big SDZWA party on Monday at Sea World, and I was able to make zoo time every day the remainder of the week. I only had one merch gig this week, when I worked on Friday for Alice Phoebe Lou at Music Box. On Saturday I decided to drive up to San Diego Zoo Safari Park while Darren was working and Nova was off doing her thing. The Park is going to be doing a huge project building a new restaurant and viewing areas for the elephants in Elephant Valley so I wanted to get some time in. It was a little more crowded than I expected so I really ended up spending more time with the rhinos and not having enough time to do the tram, but I had Darren's schedule wrong, so he was actually off before the park closed. Since the kid was staying with a friend, we left one of the cars at the park and went to a nice (freezing on a patio) dinner before going to Chula Vista and helping out my parents. 
Come Sunday, I went back to the park with him, and while he worked got lots of elephant and rhino and giraffe time, and when he had a break, we did the last tram of the day and when the park closed I did some shopping before heading back home while he stayed on the clock for a wedding. On Monday I had a general wellness checkup and got a tetanus shot, and I went to the zoo for the closing hour. Work is super busy but I was still able to carve out some zoo time today. Last week, I bought myself a Chromebook so I've been getting all my nonsense logged in and stuff, too. All this to say, I don't think I'm doing listings tonight. There's just too much and it's almost 10pm already. IThis weekend is Wonderfront, after all. My plan is to take the new Chromebook to the Zoo and get my work done there on Wednesday. We'll see how well that pans out.  

Stay safe out there. 

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