Sunday, November 06, 2022

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RIP Devi the Asian Elephant (Taken February 2022)

I had this fantasy that my weekend was going to be super chill and I'd just hide in the red tent, so to speak, but the reality didn't work out that way. I already mentioned that I worked for Babe Rainbow on Halloween, went to Snail Mail on Tuesday, worked for Son Little on Wednesday, Darren worked late so Nova and I had to help my dad without him  on Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday I worked at the Balboa Theatre, doing one Friday night show and running to Chula Vista after and then Saturday, Darren worked with me and we did two shows, so by the time we were done and helped my Dad, it was already well past midnight. All that was on top of going to the Zoo in the morning while Darren worked a partial shift at Safari Park. I mean, I went every day besides Halloween, so no shocker there. It felt like after it was announced that Devi was euthanized that I had to be there to pay respects. Tonight finds me back at Music Box working for Duckwrth, which is a sold out show but they are maybe at the end of tour because I sold out of almost everything I had in the first 12 minutes of doors being open. So now I'm being paid to sit at my laptop with precisely 9 small hoodies left to sell. 

Maybe this week will be more chill. On Monday we're going to the SDZWA Staff Day at Sea World, and we postponed jury duty until February, so unless I get asked to sling for Alice Phoebe Lou again, I'll be laying low. Tegan & Sara is next weekend, but I think I've already waited too long to submit for that one. Zoo hours are now back to closing at 5 so I'm basically going to have to find new ways to spend my time. Maybe I'll actually organize photos or do something productive. Maybe just start nesting for winter. I'd gladly take San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting tickets if they fell in my lap, but maybe I should just enjoy the downtime, catch the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale, reorganize the studio. Hopefully I can continue to dodge getting sick again because the closer to "normal" life has been feeling makes you realize just how many people are sick and out and about just passing that shit along. 

Election Day is Tuesday. I'm going to go through my ballot and I'll share my picks in another post because this one is a very big deal. 

Stay safe out there. 

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