Thursday, June 01, 2023

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Amur Leopard Cubs have names!! Ulybka (L) and Zorinka (R). Taken 6.1.23

The female cub with the darker fur and smiley face marking on her forehead is Ulybka, pronounced (Oooh - lyb - kah), which means “smile” in Russian. The other female cub with the lighter fur and blurred markings is Zorinka which means “little star” in Russian. - @sandiegozoo (I hate the fence in the background of this photo, but it was the clearest shot I've had of their two faces together in awhile)

I have too many drafts started at the moment, but I kinda feel this impulse to write and then get too lost in the weeds so I just kinda stop. So for now I'll just say that I'm glad to be home and all my relatives have all gone home, too, and I can get back to some semblance of normal, albeit without my dad. We returned from New Mexico on Monday morning but my sleep is still all messed up and I gave myself road trip trauma, I guess, because all my dreams lately are me endlessly driving in the night. I couldn't be happier that San Diego Zoo hours are in effect and the park is open until 9pm, though I actually felt bad leaving today because it was so empty and they were still a half hour away from doing the Jambo Dunia performance. It definitely won't be like that as we get into summer, so I didn't mind having the Amur leopard cubs mostly to myself for the greater part of an hour. 

Anyhow, per usual, I clip newsy things and haven't posted in awhile, so these are the things that caught my attention (besides, of course, the first two parts of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion and the many YouTubers who talk about it.) 

Stay safe out there.  

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