Wednesday, October 18, 2023

| COVID-19 | San Diego County District 4 Supervisor Election In Effect | Governor Newsom Signs/Vetoes A Boatload of Bills | Baby Tigers Debut At San Diego Zoo Safari Park |

Mama Diana and one of her tiger cubs at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 10.15.23)

I guess I haven't been writing much, so apologies for that made me go overboard with a super long header in the last listings. I'm gonna start working on this week's listings while I watch the Real Housewives of New York, since I didn't really know they've pretty much aired the whole season with the new cast. I guess I traded in Housewives for zoo animals, which are way better, but I can't have that all the time. Since the last one was long, this one will be short. I've been doing the usual, though I worked at Quartyard for Cheekface last week and I really dug their lyrical style, and Sunday I spent 12 hours at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, because I went up early with Darren and we ended up staying to do a cart safari and then spent nearly an hour with the platypus, whose enclosure lights turn on at 6pm. A pretty magical day. The highlight, of course, was seeing the Sumatran Tiger Cubs, who made their public debut over the weekend. A friend and I were tipped off that they'd be out around 10am, so we did Darren's early tram then staked our spots and had a sweet time just watching them play.  
Note, I had a lot of problems trying to upload photos, so I was finally able to do it from my phone, but I'll add more if/when the issue with Blogger resolves. 

Stay safe out there. Lots of kids hacking at the zoo makes me think a COVID surge is coming with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve right around the corner. 

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