Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SoundDiego Launches Today

I mentioned briefly last week that I'll be working with NBC San Diego and their new project SoundDiego. I want to assure you, things won't change around here. I'll continue to post photos and videos from shows a month or two late (har.har.) and you'll still get random pictures of my world, like these of my nieces:

This spring I also hope to get some more tour diaries from bands headed to SXSW, I plan on promoting a few more shows, and I'll still have content exclusive for this site, so San Diego: Dialed In is still going to exist as you know it. If anything, having a name like NBC behind me might open some new doors for my broke and (still technically) unemployed ass. I'll be doing my listings here as usual, and they'll be over there, too, with a recommendation or two each day, but the listings there won't have some of the smaller bars with 'house bands', art openings, karaoke & DJ nights, or the house parties, so the listings here will still be the most comprehensive in San Diego.

SoundDiego has other contributors I'm excited to work with, too, like Chris and Tristan from Owl and Bear and Chris Cantore from Legit Radio, as well as some other really talented and enthusiastic people behind the scenes. I'll also be blogging there on behalf of the Casbah, and there will be content from the other venue partners including The Belly Up and Anthology, so you will get content there that you won't get anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy the new platform and hopefully it can add to San Diego's musical landscape. Anyway, I'm not even sure what the web address is, but since I'll probably be sleeping when it launches (since I'm sitting here working at 4am), I think you can find the site here. If not, go here and dig around a little bit.

And, if you've read this far, I also wanted to share that this year, I have been asked to curate the mainstage for the North Park Festival of The Arts. The event takes place on Sunday, May 16 from 10a-6pm. I have the duty of booking six local, family friendly bands who are willing to play for pesos to a festival crowd. I'm bravely going to open up to email submissions, but know that I have a strong grasp of the San Diego music landscape and already have an idea of who I'd like to book.

Send me an email (sddialedin AT gmail) with subject "NPFoA" if you're interested. Include a contact person and phone number, a band bio (including band members names, instruments, and what you're about), a link to your social media (myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube), and at least 2 MP3s attached in the email. Band photos are also helpful. You have to be willing to play any slot between 10am and 5pm. ONE email will suffice. I don't have a firm deadline for submissions, but the sooner the better, and I'll probably solidify the lineup mid-February.

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