Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch Jasper Dickson Revue at Soda Bar this Tuesday

It's no secret that the longer I've had this little website the actual time I spend writing has gone down while my time spent actually going to shows and reading e-mail from bands, publicists, and labels has gone through the roof. Not a complaint or bragging, just a statement of fact. There's a formula that most of these contacts follow in telling me about the next big thing and with so much information, I have to have my own filters, like no matter how great a band, if San Diego isn't on the tour dates, it pretty much goes unread and filed and referenced later if they finally do add San Diego. I'm not big on album reviews either. I'll listen to your record, but (1) what I like is not the same as what you like and (2) there are few record reviews I've ever read that actually convince me to buy a record. Mine wouldn't be any different.

That said, last week I got an email from a band that's playing Soda Bar on Tuesday night and it was straightforward, to the point, but crafted so you know it was somewhat personal and that is something that doesn't happen often so I'm paying it forward.

The Jasper Dickson Revue is a soul garage band out of Echo Park. They're playing with Canton Mudders and there's no cover for the show. Had I not already planned on seeing Mission: Valley at Casbah I'd totally be there, and might try to maneuver to do both. Aside from the e-mail, watching the videos below, I was totally sold.

Backstory on the videos:

Also my buddy JC Chamboredon from Milan Records shot a couple of videos of
my band that I wanted to share with you. One of which was shot with us inside
the "Let's Be Frank" hotdog truck that parks outside of Silverlake Wine, where I
work. The other two take place inside Silverlake Wine. The idea behind them is
that they are all one creative take, all natural light and natural live sound
and all one continuous shot in an uncontrolled impromptu setting. We had a blast
doing them and I hope you enjoy them as well.

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