Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Duncan Sheik at The Old Globe, 1.11.10

Dear Duncan Sheik,

I figured since you'll be living in my city for a while, I thought I'd say hi and thank you for the amazing concert you performed tonight at the Old Globe. I'm really glad it was well attended, too, because we kinda had to dig to find out about it. I guess it's not often that there are concerts at The Old Globe. Really, that's a shame, though, because the sound and lighting were amazing, the seats were comfortable, and let's face it, when the older demographic that subscribes to theatre tickets ages, they're gonna need younger people who appreciate theatre to become the subscribers of the future, and a concert to introduce a production was pretty genius. The set for Whisper House was simple but pretty and I look forward to seeing the performance.

I'm kinda spoiled, I have to admit, so I asked a radio friend if his station was promoting the concert and production and alas, they were, but I didn't find out until after another friend already bought tickets. It was cool though, because we were able to give the extra tickets to some North County folks from Twitter who probably wouldn't have otherwise been introduced to Whisper House. You should really get on Twitter...look how many people are always talking about you.

Oh, and I took my camera. I know that's probably frowned upon in the theatre, but it's kinda what I do. I was trying to take photos on the sly, which is why you kinda look like a ghost in the two pictures I did happen to capture before the guy behind me got irritated and without mincing words told me to cut it out.

Actually, I think he was more annoyed that the light from my phone kept turning on because I was taking notes on your set list, but fuck him, I wanted to remember every part of the night. Sometimes it's hard for me to just go to a show and sit and watch. Call me a.d.d. but that's why I don't ever go to the movies. Still, I stopped using my phone and camera anyway because I'm not a total bitch and I didn't want him to have an usher bounce me out, but luckily I had a small notepad and can write somewhat legibly in total darkness.

I loved that you started with an older tune. I saw you at Brick By Brick after your first record came out, and I also have Humming and Daybreak but I wasn't sure if you'd play stuff I knew. "Such Reveries" was a great way to kick off the show. I also appreciated that you introduced every song...I imagine much of the crowd was less familiar with your material than me, so the stories and titles helped. "Good Morning" got a laugh when you talked about George Bush and the line about being surrounded by 'fucking clowns'. Did you know in the last election that San Diego was actually blue? At least I think that's what I heard. I'm guessing the theatre-goers are all part of the 'liberal elite', so I'm pretty sure they weren't offended. "Come Out" was beautiful...I think you said that one isn't released?

Then you had Holly Brook come out and sing a song. I wasn't sure about the title, but I'll go with "Something Else". She was amazing and had a gorgeously haunting voice, I'm sure she's perfect for the production. I enjoyed your exchange after her song. "Now we go from the sacred back to the profane," and not taking your compliment, she replied, "That song is about vampires." Then you said, "Why must you contradict me? You clearly have your finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist," to which the audience all laughed. Her voice was a nice touch on your classic "Barely Breathing" and I was totally blown away by your Psychedelic Furs cover of "The Ghost In You".

I had never heard "Half A Room" before, but your story made it easy to envision the Venice hotel and the metaphor was relatable. At that point you had David Poe come out (I think that's when the guy behind me got pissed) and not to be too cheesy, but that is one sexy man. I thought it was pretty funny how he entered the stage through the prop door, and also that he was chomping on gum while he sang his song that he called "The Naughty Folk Song". I'm glad he's on MySpace- I'll definitely check him out some more. You sounded great singing "Love Is A Sinner" together.

It was nice to get a taste of some tracks from the show, too. You played and explained "Solomon Snell" and "Earthbound, Starlight" and then you went back to the beginning and ended your regular set with "Home". Man, I really wish I had a recording of the version you played tonight because it was breathtaking. I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of "home"...Have you heard Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' song of the same name? I think you'd like it.

Of course in theatre there's always an encore, and I couldn't tell if you were joking about the sing-along when you played the Radiohead classic "Fake Plastic Trees" because I'd venture to guess the majority of that crowd had never heard the song before. And fittingly, you finished the show with "Take A Bow", the final song in Whisper House to which you received a standing ovation.

It was an amazing show and when I'm not so strapped for cash I'll pick up some more of the CDs you've put out over the years...I noticed your Greatest Hits CD has a live version of "Home", so maybe it's similar to the version you played tonight. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay in San Diego...I list shows and stuff going on in this town and could also give you some good restaurant and bar recommendations if you're looking for suggestions. Maybe I'll see you some Tuesday night at Nunu's when they have dirt cheap drinks and we can chat about stuff.

Thanks for the music,

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