Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Laura Marling @ Casbah, February 3

Though not primarily recognized as a singer/songwriter venue, The Casbah hosts the talented British songstress Laura Marling this Wednesday February 3.

Laura burst onto the UK scene at the tender age of 16, joining Noah and The Whale, an up and coming indie folk band in their own right. She performed on their debut album and had a romantic relationship with lead singer Charlie Fink. Laura has personally moved on to focus primarily on her solo career. Her debut full length, Alas I Cannot Swim, was well received, resulting in a Mercury Prize nomination in 2008 (a great honor indeed).

Her sophomore effort, I Speak Because I Can, is scheduled for a March release. After a brief stint in Australia, Laura will be making her 2010 US debut at The Casbah on Wednesday. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Wheel set the stage.

Watch “Devil’s Spoke” from her upcoming album, below.

Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke

Laura Marling | MySpace Music Videos


JME said...

she played with her full band a year or two ago in LA... so i guess you can consider her a singer/songwriter but i'm not sure why you would. her new song is more twangy than her debut... can't wait to hear what she has in store...! i guess if the band members rotate the artist is considered a singer/songwriter?

Mangoose said...

jeff, keep the recommendations coming!