Sunday, March 17, 2013

Show Preview: Ivan and Alyosha at the Soda Bar Monday Night

The band Ivan and Alyosha initially piqued my interest due to their Literature-major-baiting band name, which is a reference to two of the four brothers in Dostoyevsky's Brother Karamazov.  And please think of me when you answer that Jeopardy question and sound smart in front of your friends.  Well my curiosity brought me to the Soda Bar a while ago and I was immediately charmed by their pop-hooks embedded in some solid folk rock.  So I came back for more the next time they were in town and wasn't disappointed again.  And now tomorrow night they will be bringing a new album's worth of songs to make your and yours swoon in delight.  All the Times We Had has been on constant rotation for me in anticipation of the show, so make sure you come to the Soda Bar Monday night.  Tickets are available here and Lemolo and Soda Pants are opening.  Check out the a live performance of their new single "Running for Cover" below.

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