Monday, March 04, 2013

Mike’s Weekly Pick: Stone Foxes @ The Casbah Wednesday March 6, 2012

Six words to describe why you should be at the Casbah on Wednesday night: swampy stompy funky rootsy bluesy rock

A short, but to the point directive. Too short? Fine, I’ll elaborate just a little. If there is one show to see this week it’s definitely The Stone Foxes. These cats from San Francisco put on a great live show, with lots of shout-a-longs, stomping and general bad-assery. Peep the video below for “Everybody Knows” from the recently released Small Fires for a little taste.

 It will be loud and raw. It will be swampy and stompy. There will most certainly be large quantities of beer and whiskey consumed. It will be a great night. Locals Family Wagon and The Paragraphs support.


 Still here? Cool. Then check out “Reno” one of my favorite tracks from 2010’s Bears & Bulls:  

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