Friday, April 12, 2013

The Evens @ The Irenic April 10, 2013

I might as well kick off my first post with one of the most influential minds in punk history. The Evens, Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina, took over the stage of The Irenic this past Wednesday night and played a sing-a-long filled set reminiscent of a house show. If you missed it I hope you can make it to one of their L.A area shows next week or at the Coachella weekends. See more photos after the jump.


The Evens

More of The Evens set here.

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[Note: Photographers often ask me how to be a part of this little website. Joseph introduced himself at The Evens show and just like that, he's the latest contributor to San Diego: Dialed In. Thanks, Joseph- and keep the photos coming!!- rosemary]

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