Saturday, April 06, 2013

North Park Festival of Arts Main Stage Lineup

This year's North Park Festival of Arts is next month and though lineups were supposed to all be announced together, some people got a little over excited and have been announcing their participation. So I figure I might as well just spill the beans, especially because I am *SO EXCITED* about this year's lineup. This is just the Main Stage lineup, I'll add Dang's Bar Pink Beer Garden Stage lineup when I get the go ahead, but it is pretty sick, too. The times might be adjusted slightly, but this is more or less what you can expect.

11-11:40 School of Rock San Diego Covers set
11:50-12:30 Chess Wars (new project of Dustin Lothspeich of Old Tiger & Jake Najor of The Styletones)
Craft Mafia fashion show
1-1:40 Midnight Pine
1:50-2:30 Michael McGraw & The Butchers
2:40-3:20 Bulletins (new project of Lorelei Plotczyk of Film School, Susie, Gharemani, Itai Faierman)
Craft Mafia doggy fashion show
3:50-4:30 I*Wish*I
4:40-5:45 The Palace Ballroom

The North Park Festival of Arts is FREE and ALL AGES (except for the beer garden and the ticketed Craft Beer Block, which are both 21+) and takes place on Saturday, May 18. Mark your calendars!!

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