Friday, July 19, 2013

Rosey's Diary: Thursday at The Con

This might be a very premature assessment, or maybe I'm just tired, so forgive me if I'm speaking too soon, but it is very possible that I have outgrown Comic-Con. Or, perhaps, it has outgrown me. You know those people who go on and on about how it used to be before the overnighters camped out for Hall H, or before it was taken over by the studios and you just wanna punch them in the face and tell them to get over it, that the event has grown to include all aspects of pop culture and if you really just want to trade comic books, I'm sure e-bay still has room for you? Well, I guess I'm on the other side now. I love the pop culture, but I barely watch TV. When I do, it's late night with Chelsea Lately on E! or Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. I feel like I kinda have no idea what is going on at the Con.

This all came smacking me in the face when I was on an elevator to the Wired Insider lounge at the Omni. I'm riding up the elevator with at least two actors from Game of Thrones but I skipped the whole last season. Besides Facebook and Twitter spoilers, I paid no attention (despite paying a shitload for premium channels on cable). So I kinda recognized the actors, and that they were commenting on how awkward the elevator wraps were with Sophie's face so huge, but I was not in tune enough to chat them up. When the elevator doors opened, they were swiftly escorted off as people swooned, and I realized I'd just missed a huge photo op.

No big deal, right? I mean, we were at the Wired Cafe at the Omni, my favorite part of the Con every year. There's open bar, DJ Artistic is on the decks, the food is good, and there's sponsors around to entertain and giving swag. My first stop was getting my hair did like a viking. I mostly just looked chola, but it was cool. Then I got some henna- a rune on my left arm and later a dragon on my right.

We had a fun moment when that Barack Obama impersonator from the campaign rolled through. That guy is legit and looks just like him. But mostly my afternoon consisted of hanging around and people watching, drinking some blueberry-cherry-vodka concoction, and being very, very lazy.

After the Wired Cafe closed, I had a couple hours to wander. I attempted a Movies on Demand party at the Hard Rock but was denied, so I strayed toward the Children's Museum. Along the way there were some cool areas, like the History Channel's Vikings setup, where you can compete in a longboat race. Fun, but I was on my own and continued on.

 Eventually I walked back toward Hotel Solamar to visit a friend. He took me upstairs and handled the drink situation for me, and I was finally feeling relaxed, mostly because I didn't have to be anywhere. I was also excited because Darren and Nova were heading down to check things out, and eventually met me on the deck for a very brief period. On our way out, I had to snap a pic with Kristen Schaal, who acted every bit annoyed to be asked for a photo as one would expect from her comedy.
 Darren and Nova went on their way, and I ventured to Petco for MTV2's Party In The Park. It was cool to have easy access and no line, but since Tim was working in Chula Vista, I was on my own and have to admit it was not that fun to experience alone.
 I tried to shoot New Politics, then suddenly recalled the last time I tried to shoot them at 4th and B and all the handstands and pop and locks and breakdancing just couldn't be captured by my cameras.

Eventually Tim returned and met up with me at the MTV2 event. We had a drink and then went to the Haven party. Another one of those things that should really be more flexible, but I was on the list and he was not, so they wouldn't give him access. So stupid. But perhaps a blessing, because we decided to call it a night. I came home and unloaded and biked to Soda Bar and back home which brings me to now...2am...and ready to crash out. Recounting the night, maybe I'll eat my words. I love the Con. I love the energy, the anxiety, the headache of 1000 emails, the celebrities, the drinks, the lounges, the parties, the swag, the food, the funky smells, the tired feet. It is five days of the year and I bust ass to be there, to be among the press, to  have my moments of access. But at the end of the day, I'm beat and pronouncing I'm over it. Until the sun comes up and I'm ready for yet another day. Who knows what awesome or trainwreck or both awaits me tomorrow. 

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