Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Show Preview: Pickwick, Pyyramids @ Casbah Sunday July 14, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Johnson
When looking at the constantly evolving music scene, everyone is always on the lookout for the so called 'next big thing'. While it is easy to find many artists that have been given this title, most fall short of deserving such acclaim. Enter Pickwick, Seattle's latest band to garner such attention. While the group has been steadily grabbing the attention of bloggers and columnists alike, new found success did not happen overnight. It was only a few years ago when Pickwick was just one band treading water in an overly crowded folk scene in Seattle. Fast forward to the present and the paradigm shift to an indie soul band has become fully realized in the group's recently released Can't Talk Medicine. The most notable asset Pickwick has in its lead singer, Galen Disston. The rest of the group plays with a confidence it takes others much longer to achieve (if at all). The album has a wonderful variety of songs, touching on sounds tracing back to the 60s. The accolades given to Pickwick are justly deserved, while their live performance should only reinforce such high marks. This is a band finding its footing and heading in the only direction it knows...upward.

Pickwick will be making its second live appearance in San Diego (first playing songs from the new album). Be sure to arrive early and catch Pyyramids, the collaborative effort from Tim Nordwind (OK Go) and vocalist Drea Smith. They recently released the wonderful album Brightest Darkest Day.

In short, a night of great music awaits those in attendance at the iconic Middletown venue. Tickets are available and can be purchased here.

Watch a video of Halls Of Columbia (Live on KEXP) below.

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