Friday, July 25, 2014


My Thursday Comic-Con was pretty short and simplified. Pyles and I arrived around 1, went to our walk-through of the Assassins' Creed obstacle course and then decided to do the Leap of Faith. Oh. My. God. It is super fun and there's this moment when you expect to hit the giant pillow and when you actually do, and that's when the adrenaline really rushes. It is super cool and free, so go check it out. 

From there, Pyles went to the Convention Center and I went straight to the Wired Cafe. On my way, Jack Black was doing an interview on the balcony of the Hard Rock Hotel. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon at The Wired Cafe with DJ Artistic and Pyles. Drinks, food, and way more people than in years past. Looking forward to spending the day there again. 

I had to leave downtown to work at The North Park Theatre, where Steam Powered Giraffe had booked a show for their fans. The show ended and I was home by 10, and worked until 4am. Aargh. Maybe now I can really let loose....

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