Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Deafheaven will make everyone hear their brilliance at the Casbah tonight

I have never been much of a metal fan, yet Deafheaven managed to create one of the most powerful opening salvo of any album I have ever listened to.  The San Francisco black metal band is playing the Casbah tonight and you had better be there too.  Plenty of electronic ink has been spilled chronicling this bands pedigree and frankly, I'll spare most of you.  All I have to ask for the uninitiated is that Deafheaven's opening single " Dream House" became one of the most complete musical experiences I have ever heard recorded.  It sounds like hyperbole, because this band achieves a level of profundity in 9 minutes that other artists spend entire discographies trying to reach.  Do yourself a favor and give "Dream House" (video after the jump) a listen, I trust you won't regret it.

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