Friday, August 12, 2016

Photos: The Last Shadow Puppets @ Observatory North Park, 8.5.2016

I haven't posted any photo sets in awhile, so I don't know why now, but although these aren'tmy greatest photos ever, I had so much fun having my camera in hand again. It was also super challenging. The pit was full of photogs, the lighting was mostly red and saturated from behind, and then there were bursts of white light from the front. Still, it was an amazing show and I'm not one to refer to musicians as sexy, but the whole performance, from having a full string section to the interplay between Alex and the crowd and between all of the musicians on stage was pretty damn sexy. I do my best with the gear I've got, but my objective is a few nice photos for Instagram for my various account responsibilities, so if you want a photo set of the whole band, you'll have to look up someone else's pics. Mine are after the jump.

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