Tuesday, May 24, 2022

San Diego In High COVID-19 Transmission For 4th Week; Nobody Cares | More Mass Shootings: 18 Dead Children, 1 Teacher In Texas | Primary Season Underway |

Sloth at Sea World (Taken 5.22.22)

I started this post over the weekend and then never finished. I continued it on Monday, but then the day got away from me. So here we are now on Tuesday afternoon, as news about another mass shooting -- this time killing 14 18 students and a teacher in a Texas school -- fills the airwaves and I just really lost all my muster to write. 

As I said last week, it's so hard when everything in the news seems to be so apocalyptic - SCOTUS just laying out insane judgments over and over, shootings everywhere all the time, droughts, extreme weather, the invasion on Ukraine, war and climate refugees all over the world, Monkeypox, COVID-19 still raging, and local feeds like Nextdoor and Facebook just full of theft and homeless issues and hostility and people bitching about where people park or ride bikes or are just trying to get by each day. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to live my little life with my little family, and trying to find joy, and peace, and sleep while the world rages on. 

I've made going to the San Diego Zoo a near-daily habit, but also over the course of the past week, went to Nova's derby scrimmage and went to Sea World a couple times as I try to decide whether to extend my membership which expires in two weeks. I spent Saturday at an Upward Bound orientation with Nova, who was accepted into their 5 week program which includes two weeks of classes at City College, a half-week trip to LA to visit several college campuses, and two weeks of classes and living on the UCSD campus, then of course made her go to La Jolla Cove since we were in the area. I didn't go to the North Park Music Fest, and not in any slight to anyone, I adore all the musicians who played, I just don't think I'm ready to have dozens of face-to-face conversations about "what have you been up to?" recounting the past two years and doing that uncomfortably with everyone unmasked. I'm not ready. Especially when I personally know about a dozen people who all currently have COVID. I still very much care, and I still have to take care of my dad four nights a week, so I just can't live as freely as my peers may be able. San Diego is now a month in to being considered "High Transmission" by CDC standards, and that is with the very-reduced standards, and I'm just not having it. 

So all that to say, I'm sorry I haven't been updating because I've definitely had a lot on my mind and things to say, but I'm trying to not be so bound by my laptop and consumed by news. I'll try to get listings done tonight so they're there in the morning, and every night when I can't sleep I think that I should just get up and post all my overdue posts about Jose Gonzalez, Wet Leg, Pinegrove, and whomever else I owe posts about, but today's just not that day. 

Hug your children. 

Stay safe out there.

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