Tuesday, July 05, 2022

COVID-19 Got Me | News Recap: San Diego Extends Safe Parking, Cases On The Rise, KBJ Sworn In But Not Before SCOTUS Damage , New Laws In Effect and more.

Southern White Rhinos at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 7.1.22)

I had been accumulating news articles all week as I usually do, but I kept putting off publishing because I wanted to add last week's COVID-19 data from the County. Would I rather sit at my laptop and post or catch some time at Nighttime Zoo? Would I want to sit on my laptop or go to San Diego Zoo Safari Park with Darren? Would I get any work done when I sold merch for 411? The answer, obviously, is that the fun stuff won out and I didn't post. And then obviously there was just horrific news...how much do I feel like posting anymore? Bullshit SCOTUS decisions, insane January 6 hearings and evidence of crimes and these fuckers still aren't locked up, another high-profile police shooting, and of course yesterday's massacre at a 4th of July parade. I just can't post it all. Nor do I want to. 

And that's been my life. I go to the San Diego Zoo nearly every day, the exception being when I took Ficus to Fiesta Island Dog Beach on Thursday, or spent the day at Safari Park because Darren only had a partial day. The 411 show on Saturday night was super rad and while I was masked most of the time, even outside, I got loose, close talked to a few too many people. After the show I was up super late and had drinks at home on my balcony while I did my usual torrent of -ordle variation games, so it wasn't out of the ordinary that I slept most of Sunday while Darren worked and Nova went to a friend's house. Thankfully that turned into a slumber party, so I was mostly home alone all day on the 4th, too, until I caught the last hour and a half of Nighttime Zoo to see the hippos. We watched some TV together briefly last night, and I went to bed relatively early, until the dog woke me up at 3am to let her out. I felt a nose tickle, so I popped some Sudafed, and I stayed up to read until I faded back off to sleep. 

Today, however, I shouldn't have been so tired. The Sudafed should've definitely worn off. And the usual allergy pill I take should've cleared my sinuses. And so I started to panic. Do I have a sinus infection? Why is my inner ear bothering me? I tore apart my room to find my Sharp Healthcare information...which I've been paying for since the start of the year but have yet to use. I thought, I'll give them a call in a minute but should at least COVID test first. 


You know you've seen lines where it is super faint and people can't tell if it's positive or not so they take other tests? Yeah, this wasn't like that. It was dark. Very positive. Even 3 minutes before the 15 minutes was up. 


Nova is going to LA for the next three days. She and Darren will test when they get home tonight. In the meantime, I'm down in the studio which I definitely should've taken more time to clean up in healthy times but at least I have wi-fi and a stereo and a fridge and a bathroom and a cot if I end up sleeping down here. I'm going to try to do listings while I'm here but the major symptom...besides the congestion...is just utter exhaustion. So maybe you get listings this week. Maybe not. But know that Omicron is SUPER CATCHY. I wear a mask whenever I'm inside any building that isn't my home, especially in public bathrooms, grocery stores, and the Casbah. This shit is airborne and I don't know how much exposure it takes to get it, but here I am, with not a lot of potential exposures to even count, and I still got it. You can see last week's County Data here, but I'm not in the mood to post it all out. 

Stay safe out there. 

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