Saturday, July 09, 2022

Rosey's COVID-19 Diary: Final 48 Hours of Isolation (Hopefully)

Aisha the Orangutan (Taken 6.7.21)

I'm still in my COVID isolation. If Tuesday, my testing day, was day zero by CDC standards, my day zero, one and two were the worst. Achy, dead-to-the-world sleep for hours and hours, and wheezing so loud I'd wake myself up from my whistling lungs. Those days I was taking steady meds alternating between advil and tylenol, then alka seltzer plus nighttime to sleep. By Thursday night I was feeling mostly fine, besides messed up sleep patterns, and I tried to catch up on a lot of work and email and such, though still some loose ends to clean up before the weekend ends. If I didn't have COVID, by Friday I would've been okay to pack a backpack and go to the Zoo. I won't because I understand I'm in isolation until Sunday, but just demonstrating that I feel strong and well enough to be in the world. 

During this time I binged The Bear on Hulu (which I highly recommend) and I'm watching Maggie (only recommend if you like soft-serve cotton candy and lollipop rom-com series). I've caught up on all my missed Murdaugh Murder podcasts. I'm listening to a lot of new-to-me music that I haven't really sat with this year. The Widowspeak album is amazing. But also all my favorites like Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers and Japanese Breakfast and Big Thief and then nostalgic dives back into Frightened Rabbit and Joshua James and Rocky Votolato -- whose new single Evergreen will crush your heart. I'm also back to reading a lot. I'm reading The Plot on the CloudLibrary app but will finish up today and have some good books in the queue already checked out and ready to read.  

Last night I was feeling pretty good and Darren​ and Nova both came back home so I went back to the studio for isolation and ended up ordering a pizza from Sicilian Thing's no-contact delivery and if you don't think about the fact that after tax + tip + delivery you just bought pizza for $5 a slice, it was delicious. Today Darren works so I may move back upstairs while he's gone but doing my best not to share air...they've remained COVID negative and we'd like to keep it that way, especially since Nova moves into her UCSD residential program for the first week of two on Sunday. 

I'm in my final 48 of isolation and just trying to convince myself I can do this. It would certainly be worse if I was feeling ill. Besides lingering congestion, which is pretty much what I'm used to with allergies this time of year anyway, I feel pretty good, if not a little stir crazy in this confined space. And nobody really talks about this, but if you're prone to anxiety or depression, COVID only adds to that in that when you're in the worst of your symptoms, you can very much catastrophize the situation, What if I get worse? What if I have to be hospitalized? What if I die of some related thing like blood clots or heart attack or stroke? What if I end up with long COVID and I'm just this tired forever? How do I know when I'm bad enough for medical attention? This is where the oximeter and thermometer are crucial items. And having lots of distractions to get away from all the stinkin' thinkin' while also paying attention to what your body is actually telling you with this illness that you're likely navigating for the first time, with lots of noise but little information about what to expect.

This week, the San Diego Zoo debuted baby Kaja, a baby orangutan sired by Satu before his passing. I believe Kaju was born on January 4th, but there were complications and his mom Indah had issues and they weren't bonding and so for the past 6 months, they've been nurturing that bond and closely watched. Everyone's IG photos are incredible but it makes me think the habitat has something like a COMIC-CON Hall H press line of photographers. Luckily they have this sweet Ape Cam and I can watch them move around their enclosure as baby explores and protective momma gets reacquainted with her habitat, and as curious Aisha looks on to her mom and baby bro. 

Sorry for all you fellow COVID sufferers. This totally sucks. But thanks for being responsible humans and doing your best not to pass this on. 

Mask up. This shit is no joke, even if you're vaxxed and boosted. And not a bad idea to make sure you're prepared: home tests, blood oximeter, digital thermometer, Advil, Tylenol, easy to heat and eat food and snacks, lots of fluids, supplements if you're into that kinda thing, like Zinc, C, D, B-12, and you're comfiest home clothes and pajamas. 

I'll be watching Kaja. Be well.  

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