Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Rosey's COVID-19 Diary: In The Home Stretch? When To End Isolation | Omicron Subvariants Still Spreading | Governor Newsom Signs Gun Law | Humane Society Waives Adoption Fees | Little Blue Penguins Debut |


Indah and Kaja, Screenshot From San Diego Zoo Apecam (Captured 7.13.22) 

I feel like I'm in the home stretch of this COVID-19 isolation. Darren had the past couple of days off, so we were mostly minding our separate spaces, being creative to eat with one another at opposite ends of a long outdoor table. But at some point, you kinda just realize it's easier to isolate completely than wondering if any encounter is going to be the one the spreads this nasty virus. I'm trying to follow the advice of professionals, but when all of that is conflicting, at some point you just have to go with consensus: I am wholly symptom free, I haven't used a fever reducer in over 24 hours (and at that, it was for my cramps, not a fever or headache), and I feel pretty great. I have a handful of home tests left, but now I don't know if using one today, on my 8th day, is a waste of a test, a get out of jail card, or does it set me back to the idea that I'm isolating through Friday if I'm following the CDC, or Monday if I'm following the WHO...or am I isolating until a completely negative test, which could be even longer? These are all the things every single person is left with deciding for themselves when you become COVID-19 positive and it really, really sucks. And it shouldn't be this way. We had an abundance of tests because we took advantage when the government was sending them out, but to be honest, rather than free tests, I don't understand why those costs haven't been driven down. If tests were $2-$3 a piece instead of $10-$15, this virus would not be so out of goddamn control because people would be testing a whole lot more.  

I have been in this studio for many, many hours by myself these past two weeks and while I still have a ton of cleaning and projects, I'm dying to go to the San Diego Zoo. I've been watching the cams, but obviously it's not the same as being there and I can't wait to just be able to leave the gates of this property for any reason. But mostly I wanted to write to thank everyone who has reached out, and just appreciate that all those anxieties I had in the beginning are mostly squashed, I'm still alive, and though long-COVID symptoms or reinfection will kinda always buzz me in the back of my brain, I'm not quite so freaked out about any long-term issues from this particular illness this time around. I'm still not able to help my dad, that is the one situation where I will wait until I'm fully negative to see him and my mom. 

For now, I'm in good spirits, I'll put this dumb cot away until tonight, and I'm going to go back upstairs so that my animals know that I haven't abandoned them. I may emerge into the world sooner rather than later. I've never really been known for my will power. 

Stay safe out there. 

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