Sunday, October 02, 2022

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Ajani the Mandrill in an intense yawn. (Taken 10.2.22)

What a week. It was my birthday and I want to thank everyone who took the time to text, call, post, comment or otherwise mention it. Facebook hides so much of the birthday stuff, I almost never actually post on other peoples' walls, so the fact that so many still did for me is truly beyond kind. I thought I could just blow off the workday and have fun, but I paid for it dearly with way too much work lingering on Thursday, making it even worse when I got called in to sell merch at Music Box. Thankfully it was a low-key show there and I did eventually catch up on everything. 

I haven't been daily posting so I don't need to give a full rundown, but a few things happened...I'm not in any way comparing their impact or importance, more just what I took notice of was (1) Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on a state that has intentionally flouted any efforts to act on climate change, in fact legislating against what they call "woke capitalism" but didn't have any problems putting their hands out even before it hit, with rumors circulating that the Florida governor has asked people to donate directly to a state fund that he's put his wife in charge of. WTF? (2) Coolio died, which brought some interesting discussions about the effects of having even "mild" COVID and not being vaccinated. Was there a connection to his heart attack? We can only speculate since nobody is going to say for sure, but there are interesting threads on it nonetheless. And (3) We have all suffered through crazy gas prices. I didn't react in the spring because the whole country was going through it together. We could all understand that OPEC was intentionally fucking with the supply to get the price of a barrel up over $100, that Russia's attack on Ukraine was going to cause global interruptions, etc, but when the EIA report came out last week that California was paying nearly $2 more than the rest of the country when our "extreme" tax is 53.9 cents, like everyone else, I was pissed, so I was happy to see Newsom speak up about it on Friday and look forward to more being done in the coming weeks. 

So yeah, lots of news, lots of stuff going on locally (like stupid face Bill Walton and his dumb assessment of San Diego's homelessness problem) and short-term rental applications opening this week, but I'm going to put the laptop away and enjoy the rest of my Sunday night. Hope you do, too.   

Stay safe out there. 

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