Monday, October 31, 2022

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Alvvays at Observatory (Taken 10.30.22)

I keep thinking that I'm going to quit doing these COVID posts. The CDC has pretty much given up. The County's COVID committee just had their final meeting, and the data that is still provided is almost assuredly unreliable. Without free tests out there ---we were promised they'd cost a couple bucks once the demand died down and yet they're still about $15 a pop at most pharmacies and grocery stores -- people don't even seem to be testing anymore, writing off illness to anything but COVID. I'm not any different. I had a cough last night, assumed it was from overdoing it on Saturday night, took and allergy pill, and was fine today. And you know I'm at the San Diego Zoo nearly every day and the number of kids who are outright sick but still there in their strollers coughing all over everyone is truly alarming. 

So here I am at my second sold out show of the weekend...we attended Alvvays on Sunday and now I'm working for Babe Rainbow...and I'm masked and just doing the best we can, I guess. Nova and Darren both got their flu shots and COVID boosters last week and didn't really feel any obvious side effects, though Darren went to bed super early that night and probably got 12 hours total. That could just be time catching up with him, though. The park has been super busy and he recently got a promotion so that's all very exciting. 

As for me, I'm still trying to hit the Zoo everyday, and I jones for it when I don't. I went on Saturday night but am hoping to get some solid sleep tonight and do a morning sess with the orangs. I'm working a lot, and trying to disconnect from the internet more and more as the election gets closer and closer. Everything is pretty terrible. The campaign ads are fucking ridiculous. But I would NEVER not vote. 

Stay safe out there.  Your mental health is just as critical as your physical health. 

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