Sunday, October 09, 2022

COVID-19: More Variants: Immune Escape & Evasion; Winter Surge Expected | OPEC+ Is Fucking With U.S. | County, City Resolve To Create Affordable Housing |

Emily Haines of Metric, at Observatory 10.3.22

There's this pretty obnoxious and condescending guy on Twitter whose tone almost makes him sound gleeful with respect to COVID. Whenever numbers start ticking up, he's like "SEE!? I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!" I've even called him out for it. But I still follow him because he's not wrong, he's just an asshole. But sometimes he's kinda funny, too. The other day he tweeted that he can tell COVID is about to surge again by Yankee Candle Reviews on Amazon. "This Yankee Candle has no scent!!" You'd be surprised how many people say the same, though from everything I'm seeing and reading from Europe, the newer variants present more like a cold with a ripping sore throat and not showing on rapid tests for 3-5 days, long enough for you to spread it to everyone you know or test negative on a home test and think you're in the clear when you're really not. 

I had a pretty good week. I met up with my family at Sea World, Darren and I went to the Metric show, I worked for Brass Against, worked for a double header of Champions of Magic, and at the moment I'm working for Ibibio Sound System. I got some Zoo time in this week, we celebrated my niece's birthday, my brother and his family visited from New Mexico, and Darren's cousin visited from Geneva, so we took him to the Safari Park and did the zipline. I'm super exhausted so I'm trying to make the next two hours pass quickly but honestly, it feels all uphill right now. I'm looking forward to the week ahead: it's Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday at the Safari Park so maybe I'll sneak up there if I can find the time. Otherwise, I haven't ruled out going to The War on Drugs on Tuesday and Sunday, my favorite, Rocky Votolato is in town doing a "house show" even though it's actually at a warehouse, plus plenty of Zoo time in between. I'm also hoping to go get my booster and flu shot this week, now that I'm 3 months past my bout with COVID in July, so I'll set some time aside in case they knock me out for a day. 

Stay safe out there. 

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