Sunday, October 23, 2022

COVID-19: Misinformation & Disinformation Like Summer of '20 All Over Again | Getting Boosted | Flu Season Is Upon Us | Gas Wars | Padres Lose NLCS To Phillies

Denny (Taken 8.19.22)

I'm watching the Phillies vs Padres game and it's the top of the 9th and the Phillies just got a two-run homer and why am I even doing this to myself? I have lived most of my adult life, at least the past decade not letting sports take any of my life but here we are. Kind of impossible to fight it when your whole city has been mobilized with a common cause. That doesn't happen often. 

But what I really wanted to talk about was COVID, RSV, and the Flu. I got my bivalent booster last week, and while I was kinda hopeful it would knock me out and I'd get real sleep, in actuality I felt nothing except the tender arm and it felt like all week, related or not, my anxiety and insomnia were through the roof. I also intended to get my flu shot at the same time, but insurance is dumb so now I have to use Sharp to get that on Monday. 

I'm so glad to have finally gotten a booster though. The San Diego Zoo has been especially crowded during the month of October because kids 11 and under are free and they have extended weekend hours for HalGLOWeen and of course this is only anecdotal, but kids are sick. Coughing and sneezing and touching everything and their parents just sip their beers and margaritas while dragging their sick kids all over the place, and it is so frustrating. And it didn't help that a prominent right-wing talking head this week claimed that the vaccines are responsible for more deaths than COVID is kids (not true) but then that message spread and we just have a whole bunch of stupid idiots listening to rich and cunning propagandists and it feels like we're back in summer of 2020. So whatever. You do you. Don't vaccinate your kids and then watch them get the virus over and over and damage their organs and take that chance. Or be like a person in my family who intentionally got her son sick. I'll keep taking my chances on science with my mask on and boosters.    

Stay safe out there.  

(Phillies just won the game. I'm out. Going to see Denny.) 

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