Monday, October 17, 2022

COVID-19: The Fall Comeback We Don't Want | Padres Take Down Dodgers in NLDS | Jan 6 Committee Concludes Hearings | Ballots Have Been Delivered |

Rocky Votolato at Black Horse Coffee Roasters (Taken 10.16.22)

I have been keeping track of COVID Twitter and it is not looking good over there. Just when I thought I'd be winding down talk of COVID, you hear about it sneaking back into our lives. You hear anecdotally about outbreaks, about people missing work, about tours canceling, about friends who are sick with "a really nasty cold" and I gotta say - treat it all like COVID. Whether it's a cold or COVID and just not showing up on a test until the fifth day, or the nasty flu that's going around, the whole point is when you're sick you shouldn't be out in the world getting other people sick. I wasn't able to get my booster last week, but while I was writing this I went to and got an appointment for tonight, so I guess I'll go to the Zoo, get my bivalent Pfizer shot and throw in a flu shot with it. 

As for me, I've had a pretty good week. I was bummed to miss The War on Drugs and Florence and the Machine but I need a little more advanced notice than just day of show. I'm old and have responsibilities which kinda kicks spontaneity out the door. Though last minute work is almost always accepted and when Darren took me to the Safari Park for a cart tour I of course said yes because the Zoo was already in my plans.

It was kind of a whacky weekend...I watched the Padres win and spent a few hours, unplanned of course, rescuing a dog in my neighborhood that got out in the rain. That was an ordeal, but he's safe now. This week is pretty chill, much of the same and a couple nights of work ahead. 

Stay safe out there. It's coming back, even if we want to wish it away.

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