Wednesday, January 11, 2023

2023: COVID-19: It's Still Here, I'm Still Masking | Kaja Turns One |

Kaja on his 1st Birthday (Taken 1.4.2023)

It's been a minute since I've posted COVID data and whatnot, but with good finally got Darren. I talked about it in a recent post, but because everyone was sick in my house, I was pretty much trying to give them space. I was making myself scarce around the house, spending full days at the San Diego Zoo, going to Sea World, shopping, just doing whatever to let them rest at home. Nova still has a cough, though her locally based doctor said she's okay to be at school with a mask, but I'm happy to report that the Paxlovid seemed to work for Darren and he didn't get the dreaded rebound. He's been working but it's now slow season at the park, so we hung out at the Casbah on Thursday for a private party with The Airborne Toxic Event and then I went to work with him on Friday and enjoyed a chilly day at the Safari Park. Sea World's Christmas Celebration went through the 8th, so I was double dipping, going to the Zoo, then Sea World after, hanging out with the walruses. 

I've been trying to get back into a groove, work is definitely getting busier as Casbah is celebrating 34 years, and I've made the zoo a forces me out of the house and off my laptop for a couple hours every day. My dad is officially off hospice care, but that means we have to help out a lot more. Today we helped move him, spent the rainy afternoon at the zoo, then went to North Park because I somehow messed up my neck and shoulder and got a massage at Green Bamboo Massage (which was amazing). 

This post is lacking all the usual links because while we followed the mess in Congress last week, I just can't. These morons are going to freeze our country to have no action ever besides bullshit investigations. If you're a government employee or military, you better save up because you know a government shutdown this year is imminent and guaranteed.  

I'm gonna call it a night. I have a million pictures to post but the truth is that I've taken so many photos in the past two years that I've filled my hard drive, so I'm gonna have to take the time to move stuff before I can even dig in and post new stuff. Not tonight, however, because I'm only jacking my shoulder more with the small motor movements of typing on this laptop. But I do wanna thank my friends at NBC for using one of my photos on their Kaja coverage (linked below). 

We've got some old family friends coming into town next week so I'll be doing the tour guide thing but I'll try to make sure listings are done and posted on time. 

Night night, y'all. 
Stay safe out there. 


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