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Sweet Denny (Taken 1.23.23)

It's not even 10pm and everyone in my household is asleep, so I figured I'd catch up on my weekly COVID post so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow when I do the listings. 
Things have been pretty chill and also kinda crazy, if that makes any sense. I spent the weekend hopping between the zoo and Sea World, spending the chilly nights at home. Darren worked at Emo Nite at the Casbah on Friday and though it's always kinda insane, this time he actually got bit by a patron that they were trying to kick out for being out of control. Blame the king tides, the new moon, the Lunar new year, whatever, but it feels like the world is collectively losing their minds. Back to that in a second. 

After a brief zoo trip on Saturday when Denny was being especially playful, I worked for comedian Matt Braunger at Soda Bar, which was a great time. On Sunday it was more of the same, after the Zoo closed I went to check out Mardi Gras at Sea World, which has their hours extended until 7 on weekends for the next 5 weeks. 

Fast forward to Monday and Darren officially started his two-day a week part-time job delivering flowers. I dropped him off and decided to do a full day at the Zoo, lunch and laptop in tow in case any necessary work or email popped up. I've mentioned the crazy photographer bully before, but today she was on a tear. She cornered a woman who was  with her toddler, shooting with her magnum lens over the mom's shoulder. The mom was having none of it. When told to mind her boundaries and respect the mom's personal space, a whole screamfest ensued and the bully was eventually escorted out of the zoo. I don't know what will come of it, but I for one will not be heartbroken if I never have to see her again. She can find a new hobby somewhere else. Or maybe we should hire her for security at Emo Nite so she can go aggro there. Blame that new moon, I guess. 

There were two mass shootings within days in California and it is heartbreaking and scary thinking small incidents and sudden rage can have such deadly consequences. Be vigilant, be alert, pay attention to your surroundings, and sad to say, always assess escape routes in public spaces. The whole world has gone mad. 

I love you. 
Stay safe out there. 

  • COVID-19:
    • More than 65 million people around the world may have long COVID - CIDRAP (1.18.23)
    • Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 - 19 January 2023 - WHO (1.19.23)
      • Globally, nearly 2.8 million new cases and over 13 000 deaths were reported in the week of 9 to 15 January 2023. In the last 28 days (19 December 2022 to 15 January 2023), nearly 13 million cases and almost 53 000 new deaths were reported globally – a decrease of 7% and an increase of 20%, respectively, compared to the previous 28 days. As of 15 January 2023, over 662 million confirmed cases and over 6.7 million deaths have been reported globally.
    • Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 makes up nearly half of U.S. COVID cases- CDC - Reuters (1.20.23)
    • California's Community Risk Level Has Changed To LOW (as of 1.20.23)
      • San Diego County COVID Community Risk Level is still MEDIUM (as of 1.23.23- COVID-19 Act Now)
    • Is it time for a reality check on rapid COVID tests? - NPR/kpbs (1.19.23):
  • News:
  • Global COVID-19 Stats (JHU 1.23.23 8:21pm):
    •  669,002,850 Known Cases/11,686,406 28-Day New Cases
    •  6,740,014 Known Deaths/57,947 28-Day New Deaths
  • US COVID-19 Stats 
    • JHU
      • 102,034,754 Cases/1,607,447 28 Day New Cases
      • 1,104,390 Deaths/13,621 28-Day New Deaths
    • CDC Data Tracker as of 1.23.23:
      • 332,212 New Cases/101,873,730 Known Cases 
      • 3,953 New Deaths/1,099,866 Known Deaths
      • 4,214 New Admissions/17,289 Current Hospitalizations
  • California COVID-19 Stats:
    • R-effective: 0.89
    • 3,997 Average Daily Cases/10,996,443 Total Cases (10.0 new cases/100k)
    • 42 Average Daily Deaths/98,800 Total Deaths (0.1 new deaths/100k)
    • 6.1% 7-day test positivity rate
    • 3,372 COVID-19 Hospitalizations (-106 patients, -3.0% from prior day)
    • 378 COVID-19 ICU hospitalized in CA (-34  patients, -8.3% from prior day)
    • 1,863 ICU beds available (-196 from prior day)
  • San Diego County 
    • State Data:
      • R-effective: 0.87
      • 452 Average Daily Cases/973,112 Total Cases
      • 6.5% Daily Positivity
      • 4 Average Daily Deaths/5,703 Total Deaths
      • 373 COVID-19 hospitalized patients (+33 patients, +9.7% from prior day)
      • 38 COVID-19 ICU hospitalized patients (+4 patients, +11.8% from prior day)
      • ICU beds available ( from prior day)
    • County COVID Data (as of 1.19.23):
    • County Influenza Data:
      • 156 New Cases Since Last Report/20,542 Known Cases 
      • 4 New Deaths Since Last Report/37 Known Deaths


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