Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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Funani and Amahle baring their teefs in the new/old pool (3.19.24)

I know I've been really inconsistent with diary posts, but Darren quit his second job with the florist, so last week was his first time with days off in ages. We took advantage by driving out to the desert on Monday, and then I went up to Safari Park with him on Wednesday, all the while trying to keep up with work and the homestead and fighting off a sinusy thing I guess I got from driving to the desert during wildflower season. Not gonna lie, I've also been kinda staying overly busy and doing all the things because this time last year was not good. Today is my brother's birthday, and it was around this time we found out my sister-in-law wasn't doing well, only for her to die about a week later, then this whirlwind of visitors and travel and my parents' anniversary and then my dad died on Easter. Naturally we're all kind of on edge with such monumental anniversaries just around the corner, so I try to keep on keeping on and will try to process all the feels in healthy and productive ways...being at the zoo is one of those ways, so I'm gonna keep on doing it. 
Now, onto listings so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour. 
I love you. Stay safe out there. 

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